31 March 2008

Wave good-bye to the folks back on the dock

I am probably giving away a trade secret here, but for Disney geeks, nerds, gurus, and sages used book stores are treasure troves. Most will give you trade value for books you never intend to read again (who really rereads 10 Studies that Changed Psychology after college), and the prices of the used book are incredible. It is here that I have picked up old guide books, copies of Little Golden Books' Disney stories, Countdown to Extinction, Tarzan: Special Collector's Edition, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Making of the Classic Film, and two copies of Since the World Began. For those of you wondering, I had to have the second copy because I know that I will find a Disney nerd-in-training years from now who doesn’t have a copy, and cannot find one, and I will be able to do my part to continue the great bloodlines of Disney knowledge.

My wife has realized this trend, and did a good portion of her shopping for my birthday and Christmas at used book stores last year. Her most extraordinary find was John Heminway’s Disney Magic: The Launching of a Dream.

The book chronicles not only the ship herself, and how it was designed, built, and Imagineered to the high Disney standards, but just how the idea of Disney Cruise Lines came to become a reality. The real depth of this book, however, comes in the form of illustrations. There are photographs from Walt’s adventures on the high seas, classic ocean liners of the early 20th century, and of the ship’s construction. Renderings, concept art, and models appear in vast quantities throughout this book and include insight into design of the ship, staterooms, play areas, funnels, restaurants, decorative artwork, and theaters.

For someone who has never had the chance to sail one on of Disney distinct vessels (mostly due to the facts that I get seasick at the drop of a hat and I am afraid of not being able to see land on the horizon), this book is a true treasure, and a wonderful story to boot.

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