28 August 2021

Walt Disney World 50 for 50: Seekers of the Weird

Between 2014 and 2017, Marvel worked with Disney to create a series of comics based around attractions, characters, and concepts for attractions under the banner of Disney Kingdoms. The result was 6 limited series that focused on The Haunted Mansion, its predecessor in concept, Museum of the Weird, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Enchanted Tiki Room, and Journey Into Imagination.
The Disney Kingdoms series brought in some amazingly talented writers and artists to craft these stories. While each tale was different from the next, they were popular amongst those individuals who reside at the crossroads of comic and theme park enthusiasts. That group, while large, was not enough to keep the printers running past the first 6 stories. As I stated at the time I started the series reviewing these books, "Graphic novels and comics are not always the easiest form of storytelling to get behind. Even my wife, who is a voracious reader, has never been able to complete one as it just doesn’t jive with her literary sensibilities."
While the form of comics wasn’t enough to entice in the middling theme park guest, if you were to acquire each of the collected volumes there were some rewards to be found in the bonus materials, beyond the script pages, cover art, and art progression. From concept art for the attractions to letters and notes from Imagineers, there was definitely enough to justify the cover price.
I’d love to see this series return and delve deeper into some of the other corners of the Disney Kingdoms, but I think they’re time has passed. If you want to go back and explore them yourselves, give a quick read through our reviews for each volume below before you pick one up. I, myself, may just need to reread Big Thunder Mountain Railroad this weekend!

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