30 May 2017

Tell a Good Story - Issue #0: Prelude

In my lifetime I’ve read a lot of comic books and graphic novels. Even with the most mediocre story there has been a ton of blood, sweat, research, tears, and ink put into the final product. Multiply that effort by however many issues happen to go into a single narrative, or collection, and you have a good chunk of many lives tied up in the work in front of you. Yes it is pulp, and paper, and a shiny cover that could be casually tossed aside, but it is still the culmination of multiple people’s dedication for an indeterminate amount of time. Above and beyond, comics and graphic novels are an art form, which means that any review or ranking is, at best, subjective. It is with all of these thoughts in mind that I decided to throw myself into the worlds of Disney Kingdoms created by Marvel and Walt Disney Imagineering.

Each of these collected volumes focus on a specific character or attraction from the Disney theme parks. This fact, in and of itself, actually adds another layer to the subjective nature of a review, as an individual’s passion for a character, say Figment, may skew how they view his portrayal, both in the positive and negative.

Back to the series themselves, the first of these tales began in January of 2014 with Seekers of the Weird #1. For this series of reviews I’ve chosen to wait for the collected editions for two reasons. One, it will be easier for the novice reader to understand an overarching story review than to try to parse their way through multiple issues. Two, and perhaps more selfishly, I wanted to be able to make use and review the additional material provided in each volume.

Graphic novels and comics are not always the easiest form of storytelling to get behind. Even my wife, who is a voracious reader, has never been able to complete one as it just doesn’t jive with her literary sensibilities. Again, we're back to that subjectivity. However, whether you’re a longtime aficionado of comics or new to the idea of comics as an art and literary form, or vice versa as a theme park enthusiast, I hope this series will open new doors for you. It is my dearest hope that through these ongoing articles I’ll be able to share a little theme park history, comic knowledge, and, above all, some great stories.

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