22 August 2021

Walt Disney World 50 for 50: Pookie Bear Needs Cuddlewinks

The Adventurers Club was the much beloved predecessor to today’s Society of Explorers and Adventurers. In fact, the member rolls for both groups share many of the same individuals with that pioneer spirit. Although the physical embodiment of the Adventurers Club has been gone for almost 15 years, the spirit of it lives on in those who knew it well and those who wished they’d known it better.
Some of the sheer delights of the Pleasure Island staple were the intimate interactions with the various members of the club. Although I am the first to admit that what sometimes started as a quiet moment definitely could become something raucous for the whole club to enjoy. That bit comes from personal history. The characters themselves were remarkable, and they were given life by actors and actresses that had the wit to be able to grapple with any situation they found themselves in.
The Adventurers Club also featured a multitude of memorabilia that was highly sought after by those who frequented the club, and almost none of it was available for purchase. Membership badges, checks, and even expertly penned letters could be yours if you were amongst the chosen. The letters, presented by the club’s always refined butler, Graves, on a silver platter, were treasures. I was lucky enough in my experiences in the club to have been bestowed with two of the four letters. And since I believe treasure is worth more when it is shared, here are the letters in their entirety for you to enjoy.

P.S. - My favorite is from Hathaway. Again, personal history.

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