24 September 2018

Rabbit Treats

The classic imagery of a magician, in full tuxedo and cape, pulling a rabbit out of a hat is a bit outdated. These days some of the best magic happens right in front of you, so close that you can’t help but become a believer. However, the old top hat and rabbit trick is still a good gag when you can reference it, which is precisely what happens on the Boardwalk at magicians’ lounge, AbracadaBar.

Tucked high upon a shelf are three jars labeled as Alec Azam Rabbit Treats. Alec Azam, aside from having a wonderfully magical name, is the rabbit featured in the 2008 Pixar animated short, Presto. In the short Alec is willing to sabotage the act and magician, Presto DiGiotagione, in order to get some food. Barely escaping with his life, Presto clearly learns the lesson that splitting hairs (hares?) over food and the act is a bad way to go, and keeps Alec well feed going forward.

Clearly, the pair have figured out not only that working together is better than not, but that there is also a marketing angle to be had. The Alec Azam Rabbit Treats appear, by the three jars atop a suitcase on the shelf, to be good sellers. At the very least they are a clever gimmick that a visiting magician has brought with them.

Alec is one of the lesser known magical beings in Disney cannon, but he is also one of the few the references magical vaudeville. His likeness can even be seen in the wallpaper of AbracaBar, if you’re watching closely. And really, what would a lounge for magicians be without a callback or two to a rabbit?

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