10 September 2018

Join Cherished Toys

The world of Toy Story has never had a larger presence in the parks and resorts of Walt Disney World than they have today. An attraction in Tomorrowland, a section of All-Star Movies, and an entire land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios are all part of the guests ability to live like, and play with, some of their favorite toys. In the beginning, however, Andy’s toys first appeared on the theme park scene in a parade at Disney-MGM Studios.

Toy Story – The Parade debuted on November 22, 1995, coincidentally the same date that the original Toy Story was released theatrically. It is clear from the preparation that it would take to create such a production ahead of a general release that Disney knew the movie would have universal appeal and garner the attention of audiences. Their foresight was proved correct as moviegoers and guests alike definitely wanted more from their new favorite toys and flocked to the parade.

The procession started off with Sarge and the green army menu at the front of the parade, but everyone would get in on the act. The parade featured Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Bo Peep, barrels full of monkeys, RC, Lenny, board games, hot wheels, Slinky, and many others, all while set to You’ve Got A Friend in Me, Strange Things, and other musical cues from the movie. The final float of Toy Story – The Parade featured Rex, Mr. Mike, and Woody, ending on a high note.

On June 8, 1997, just shy of two years in operation, the parade made one last pass down Hollywood Boulevard. Parts of the parade would make their way into a mobile meet and greet for Buzz and Woody, while other floats would go on to be utilized for new productions, including the Festival of the Lion King in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Toy Story – The Parade would be gone, but the longevity of Andy’s toys ensured that they found new corners of Walt Disney World to live and play in.

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