19 June 2018

K. Holz & Co.

Castaway Cay is beautiful this time of year. Come to think of it, Castaway Cay is beautiful just about any time of year. All of that natural beauty and pristine water may distract you from what’s really important, the little details that are tucked away around the island. Okay, maybe that’s a step too far, but there are some wonderful nods worked into the island’s story. For instance, this sign for wholesalers of lobsters and other crustaceans actually acknowledges a longtime Disney Cruise Line executive.

K. Holz is none other than Karl Holz, who retired earlier this year. Back in 1996, Holz was a vice president at Knott’s Berry Farm when Disney scooped him up for Walt Disney World Operations. For the next 22 years Holz held a number of senior level positions within theme entertainment side of Disney, including president and CEO of Euro Disney, president of New Vacation Operations, aka Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club, and two stints as the president of Disney Cruise Line.

Holz’s first time through the floating vacation system was a brief 18 months from 2003 until the fall of 2004 when he would move to Euro Disney. He was called back into service of Disney Cruise Line in 2009, where he would remain, along with other duties, until his retirement in February of this year. During that time he oversaw the introduction of the two newest, and currently largest, ships in the fleet, the Dream and the Fantasy.

At the announcement of his retirement, Walt Disney Parks & Resort chairman Bob Chapek said of Holz, “His commitment to excellence and relentless focus on creativity have served Disney well, and his passion for doing what is best for our cast, crew, and guests is second to none. All of us at Disney appreciate everything Karl has done to make Disney magic on a global scale.”

Sounds like just the type of person you want leading Cast Members, if you ask me, and certainly worthy of homage on Castaway Cay. Especially if he can, as the sign says, deliver.

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