10 July 2017

Notice for Visitors

The theater that hosts Rivers of Lights guests is divided into two distinct section, one on the DinoLand U.S.A. bank and the other on the Asia (Serka Zong) bank. The structure in Serka Zong is considered a sacred monument and has rules that are attached to it. Looking at the theater itself, and all of the various elements that comprise it, tells the observant guest much about the place and time in which it was constructed, what is important to the people of Serka Zong, and where they are going.

Over the years many postings, advertisements, and signs have been affixed to the structure. These postings tell us as much about Serka Zong as the design of the actual structures do. They tell the tale of local businesses, many of them stemming from the local tea trade. Folks in the region believe in the yeti, but also believe that the stories of the creature are marketing fodder. We can see that the area also thrives on tourism and the backpacking industry, but that they’ve had problems with hikers sleeping in non-approved places. Perhaps most importantly, however, it is easy to see that art, religion, culture, business, and many facets of life are seemingly so intertwined it is hard to tell where one ends and another begins.

Scrolling through the postings below, what else can we learn from the people of Serka Zong?

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Jeff said...

If you look carefully, there's a flyer for earrings from someone named "Joe" in Anandapur.