19 July 2017

Fill the Hollow in Your Belly

Hot dogs are a summertime staple. Rarely does a summer go by that we don’t grill off a bunch of hot dogs at least four or five times, and that’s a low estimate. In fact, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yes, there is such an organization) estimates that the average American consume approximately 70 hot dogs per year. I think one of the things that make hot dogs so sought after is their versatility. Honestly, if you can think of topping, the chances are someone has found a way to put it on a hot dog. They’re also flexible in how they can be consumed, from the conventional bun to being chopped up and mixed in with some baked beans. Of course, Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom has another twist as to how you can enjoy your hot dog.

It’s a simple menu listing, Pretzel Dog with House-made Chips. Nothing fancy, but this pretzel dog isn’t your typical pretzel roll replacing the bun. Instead, it is a pretzel wrapped around the hot dog. Again, nothing to write home about, we’ve all seen this delivery style of hot dog before. However, what did impress me about the Sleepy Hollow version was the fact that when I bit into my pretzel dog, the whole hot dog didn’t come sliding out of one end or the other. It stayed in place remarkably well throughout my entire meal. A word of warning, however, my Pretzel Dog arrived incredibly hot, so I had to wait several minutes until it was cool enough to eat. Please don’t burn your mouth on this one!

The pretzel wrap was good, topped with some large salt and sesame seeds, just to mix things up a bit. It had a thin layer of crispiness that became chewy just beneath the surface. It was salty and that hint of sour that makes your salivary glands do a little dance. The hot dog itself is your typical Walt Disney World hot dog and played well with the pretzel wrapped around it. While I did take a bite or two without anything else on it, to give the Pretzel Dog its fair shake, I did end up putting yellow mustard on the rest of the roll. I mean, mustard is my go to for hot dogs and pretzels alike, so this was a win-win, right?

The Sleepy Hollow Pretzel Dog comes with a side of house-made chips. These are the same chips that you can find throughout many of the quick service dining locations these days. Mine seemed a little more broken and were definitely colder than I was used to. On this day, however, I had opted to grab a baked potato as well, so the chips went relatively uneaten. As for the baked potato that is also available at Sleepy Hollow, what can I say about it? It was hot and not under-cooked. The skin wasn’t as crispy as I would have liked, but the salt, butter, sour cream, and cheese helped me forget about any gripes I might have had. The baked potato and Pretzel Dog are definitely a great pairing that I’d recommend to anyone.

If you’re looking for new way to wrap your mouth around a hot dog this summer, Sleepy Hollow has you covered with its Pretzel Dog. It may not be reinventing any hot dog wheels, it also doesn’t seem to be breaking any cardinal rules of hot dogs, but it sure is a tasty lunch to grab while you’re on the go. Plus, Sleepy Hollow has one of the best views on property!

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