13 July 2017

Do You Want Ice Cream?

July is National Ice Cream Month and this upcoming Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, which makes it the perfect time to stop by the Ample Hills Creamery located along Disney’s BoardWalk. Ample Hills offers up a ton of variations on traditional and off the beaten path ice cream flavors. If you’re looking for something truly unique to Walt Disney World, however, may I recommend Sally Sells Seashells, which is only available at the BoardWalk ice cream parlor?

I’ll tell you right now, this flavor won’t be for everyone, but for those willing to be a bit adventurous, Sally Sells Seashells will deliver. It is described as a “fresh and fluffy orange marshmallow ice cream with housemade salty chocolate seashells.” Orange and marshmallow, sweet and salty, like I said it won’t be for all tastes. If you think there’s even a chance you’ll enjoy it, go ahead and ask for a sample, the friendly folks at Ample Hills will be happy to oblige and make other recommendations for you.

Back to the flavor at hand, Sally Sells Seashells is the ice cream equivalent of a Citrus Swirl, with chocolate pieces thrown into the mix. The ice cream is smooth and creamy, which one would expect from an establishment with the word “creamery” in its title. With the heat and humidity in Florida, the zestiness of the citrus is refreshing, but it is softened by the sweetness of the marshmallow.

The chocolate seashells are more chocolate than salty, but the hint of salt helps it from becoming too sweet. As a die-hard mint chocolate chip lover, I like a little something extra in my ice cream, but the shells are bulky. In small doses they work just fine, but the scoops I had were filled with too many chocolate seashells for my liking. I don’t know if I’d prefer fewer shells, or the chocolate in a different form, such as a swirl, but I’d love a small tweak. That said, the combination of orange, marshmallow, and chocolate flavors are a winning combination.

Give the Sally Sells Seashells a chance, or find something else to make your sundae perfect. Ample Hills Creamery has something for every taste, from ice cream purists, to topping over indulgers, and even cone enthusiasts. No matter what you’re looking for in terms of flavors or vehicles, Ample Hills has you covered. After all, they say it’s always ice cream weather there, although National Ice Cream Day does seem like the perfect fit!

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