05 May 2017

Make it a Super Stretch

When Disney-MGM Studios, now Disney’s Hollywood Studios, open this week in 1989, it did so with star-studded celebrity affairs and all the glitz and glamour one would expect of a big Hollywood premiere, particularly a big summer blockbuster like Disney was hoping this park would be. Of course, you wouldn’t want the boss to arrive in anything less than a show-stopping set of wheels, would you? And that is why Mickey Mouse’s ride to the event was the stylish LiMOUSEine.

The burgundy six-wheeled super-stretch limo had all the latest and great technologies that would make Mickey feel right at home on the road. From the four larger sunroofs, perfect for characters such as the main mouse himself to wave to adoring fans, to the gold plated Tinker Bell and mouse ears adorning the grill and hood, no expense was spared. Inside, Mickey could utilize a radio remote DJ booth, 2- speakers, two Sony televisions, complete with the latest in home entertainment technology (the VCR), and four cellular phones. It was also furnished with Sony’s RDSS Wayfarer Communication System, think of it as a GPS tracker for the LiMOUSEine where the powers that be or Minnie Mouse could track Mickey’s progress across the country for a personal desktop computer.

The 40-foot long vehicle was a beast to maneuver, but Disney put one of its best drivers on the case. Which was needed as the LiMOUSEine made a 37 city tour between February 27 and May 1, 1989. While the show started in Orlando with a procession from City Hall to Disney-MGM Studios for Walt Disney World President, Dick Nunis, Mickey, and then Orlando mayor, Bill Frederick, the real tour began on March 5, 1989 with Mickey and Kathleen Sullivan, a Walt Disney World Ambassador, departing Orlando for Indianapolis, IN. The tour would continue on from there to cover as much of the eastern seaboard as possible to drum up excitement for the upcoming opening of Walt Disney World’s third gate.

The comforts of home were never too far away for Mickey while he was on the road in the LiMOUSEine. In addition to the latest and greatest in technology, the interior also had some overstuffed furniture, think of the type of furnishings found in Mickey’s House in Mickey’s Birthdayland/Starland/Toontown Fair, a full-sized bed, and plenty of refreshments. After all, what would a visit with Mickey be without a cookie or a fancy cheese plate? There were also a few more homey touches in the form of decorative knick-knacks and books on a wide variety of Disney topics.

The LiMOUSEine would once again be called into service for Walt Disney World’s 25th anniversary. This time, however, the burgundy paint job had been redone in a more fanciful pink and included the Cinderella’s carriage logo from the 25th anniversary celebration. While the vehicle was probably most befitting of a Hollywood premiere, it was nice to see it on the road again. With Disney’s Hollywood Studios under a great deal of construction, it’s fun to think about how the glitz and glamour of the park’s original opening might have an effect on a rededication or grand openings when the park’s new additions are complete!

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Mini-V said...

It would be great if they brought the LiMOUSEine back when the new sections are opened.