19 May 2017

Race Cars, Lasers, Aeroplanes

It was announced this week that Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin will be present for visitors to the D23 Expo later this year as a way to promote the upcoming DuckTales relaunch. With a substantial portion of the new cast having already been announced, now seemed like the perfect time to wander over to MouseGear and talk about this silhouette and why it’s important to DuckTales past and future.

MouseGear’s two office panel windows above the sales floor feature a number of character shadows. These shadows belong to a wide variety of Disney’s most recognizable ducks, from Donald and Scrooge to Daisy and the nephews, all taking part in the operations of the shop in some form or fashion. The only one that may throw the average guests is this silhouette, who doesn't seem to be using your run of the mill office equipment. It belongs to Gyro Gearloose, who was a fixture of the original DuckTales, but his story goes back so much further than that!

In fact, Gyro originally appeared in the 1952 comic, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #140. The specific tale was called Gladstone’s Terrible Secret and was created by the legendary Carl Barks. His assistant, Little Helper, is a miniature robot with a lightbulb for a head, would come along a few short years later in 1956. Gyro is an inventor, who can create an amazing amount of gadgets and gizmos, many of which were so successful that they caused problems. As time went on, the format changed and then Gyro’s creations always seems to have a glitch or missing a critical component that is needed to make it work, with hijinks ensuing.

In the DuckTales series, Gyro creates one of his most notable creations, the Gizmoduck suit. The suit was originally intended to enhance the security guards at Scrooge’s Money Bin, but ended up attaching to Scrooge’s accountant, Fenton Crackshell, creating the super-duck-hero, Gizmoduck! Scrooge would go on hire Gizmoduck as his bodyguard, with Gizmoduck also securing a coveted guest spot on another Disney Afternoon staple, Darkwing Duck, but it was all thanks to the ingenuity of Gyro Gearloose.

Back over at MouseGear, it appears that Gyro’s inventive nature has taken hold in the offices as well. He is featured with a typewriter, or adding machine, that can float, making it great for the on-the-go administrative types. It has been announced that Gyro Gearloose will be popping up on the DuckTales show when it launches later this year, although who will voice the eccentric inventor and how often we will be able to see him has yet to be released. Either way, Gyro is a great addition to the Disney duck flock and has definitely earned his reference in MouseGear!

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