04 July 2016

The Glorious Fourth

One of these years, we’re going to not talk about the Bicentennial celebration that took place in Walt Disney World and Disneyland known as America On Parade. This, however, is not that year. What I can promise is that we’ll keep it short and get to the good stuff quickly this Independence Day.

While America On Parade was taking place, there were some amazing visuals to take in. However, the music may have turned out to be the true star of the show. We’ve talked in years past about the music selections and how they were created. Today, however, we’re going to acknowledge the contributions of two of Disney’s perennial musical legends, the Sherman Brothers.

Richard and Robert Sherman returned to Disney to create a song for America On Parade. The song, The Glorious Fourth, was one of the highlights of the show. As The Glorious Fourth was a new tune, Disney wanted to make sure guests could see along to their patriotic heart’s content and created little song pamphlets for guests to use.

Go ahead and sing this one around your house today, it’s a fun song that will definitely let your spirits soar!

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