18 July 2016

Now Casting

Yesterday, Disneyland celebrated its 61st birthday. It is truly a place of wonder, but it’s most critical component are the wonderful Cast Members that make the experiences there memories that we treasure. Today, in honor of those Cast Members (and Cast Members everywhere), we’re checking in on the Disneyland Casting Agency to see what they’re casting for. I’m certain we’ll be sure to find some humor or clever historical nods throughout these postings. As they say right up front, “It Takes People to Make the Dream a Reality.”

A Jewel of a Role
7 openings for Miner roles. Must work well with animals, princesses and whistle while you work. Short hours.

Frontier River Guides
Call time: 6 a.m. Athletic abilities required. Guides will be selected from winners of Canoe Racers.

Adventurous heroic role as a jungle guide and skipper. Must demonstrate bravado, comedic timing and nor fear of snakes. For auditions, contact T. Sam.

Now Casting: Space Station X1
A “starring” astronaut role in an out of this world science fiction adventure.

Ghosts and Restless Spirits Wanted
Seeking ghosts and goblins to perform with ghoulish delight in haunted house musical. Spirited performers only. Auditions at Ghost Relations.

A Great Sea Adventure
Now casting crew members for submarine adventure.

Are you a Mermaid?
Mermaids needed for exotic location shoot. Swimming ability suggested. Must provide own sunscreen.

Openings for Talented Bears
Sought for Country Western Musical. Must play an instrument. Singing experience preferred. Trainers contact Big Al at C.B. Playhouse.

Mountain Climbers
Sought for alpine-themed production. Auditions First Snowfall, Matterhorn Mountain Features.

Train Conductors
Now casting: turn-of-the-century crew of an authentic period steam train. Contact Carolwood Pacific R.R.

Ragtime Piano Player
Needed for key musical role in turn-of-the-century production. No moustaches please!

Wanted: One Airborne Pixie
Aerial artist to fly in nighttime Extravaganza! See T. Kline for further info.

Now Casting: A Two Story Tall Sandwich
Must be able to pass the mustard. American Parade Productions, rooms 1975-76.

Dixieland Musicians
Experienced players only. Auditions at Café Orleans, 15 Orleans Street.

Tahitian Dancers
Polynesian dinner show coming soon! Auditions at Enchanted Tiki Room.

Now Casting: Pirate Crew
A rogues gallery of pirates sought for Caribbean adventure. Some swordplay required. Eye patches optional.

18th Century Sailors
Now casting crew of 18th century sailing vessel. Must be able to climb rigging, shoot a cannon and circumnavigate the globe. Three year contract. Ask for Hawkeye.

Riverboat Pilots
Cast sought for classic Mark Twain costume adventure, B. thatcher Productions.

Plains Indians
To perform traditional dances for daily live show. Must provide own costumes and headdresses.

Can-Can Dancers, Comedians
Old west revue requires energetic dancers and slapstick comedians. 25 year commitment. Apply Golden Horseshoe. Ask for Miss Slue Foot Sue.

Extras Needed
Childrens fantasy film needs extras to play Playing Cards, Singing Flowers, and a Doorknob. Singing, dancing and shrinking abilities a plus. Wonderland Featurettes, Room 10/6. Don’t be late.

Harbor House Casting Agency: Attractions
1313 Harbor Boulevard. “We found roles for thousands… How about you?” Open daily.

Harbor House Casting Agency: Restaurants
1313 Harbor Boulevard. “We found rolls for thousands… How about you?” Open daily.

Miniaturization Technician
Can you operate the mighty microscope? An inner space adventure needs you. Hurry! Opportunities are shrinking! Snowflake EFX Ltd.

Ground Control
Rocket to the Moon (and back). No experience necessary. Report to Mr. Morrow, Moonliner Flight Systems.

Elephant Trainer
Must work with flying elephants. Trained in the magic feather technique. Send resume to: T.M. at our Florida office.

Head Electrician
Oversee hundreds of thousands of sparkling lights and electro-syntho-magnetic musical sounds. Apply: Entertainment Offices, Basement.

Seamstresses and Tailors
Needed for largest working wardrobe east of Main Street. See Quinn, 2nd floor.

Canal Boat Pilots & Guides
To ferry passengers through miniature enchanted realms. Must be comfortable speaking to small groups in tiny settings.

Horse Wranglers, Trainers
To work with the “Happiest Horses on Earth.” Apply at the Pony Far. Ask for Owen.

Experienced Bird Trainer
To work with Macaws, Toucans, Cockatoos in new tropical musical comedy revue. Contact Jose, Enchanted Tiki Room.

Pyrotechnics Team: “Celebrate the Fourth of July Everyday!”
Team needed for fireworks spectacular. Shows 7 evenings per week in summer. Skyrocketing benefits; booming opportunities.

Sweepers Maintenance Staff
Enjoy the “sweep” smell of success! Experienced crew needed for world-famous entertainment production. If no mess too small for you, send resume now! New hires guaranteed to clean up!

Stagecoach & Wagon Drivers
Seeking experienced drivers to carry passengers through Nature’s Wonderland and the Painted Desert. Apply Rainbow Ridge.


Basketball Club

Sign-ups tomorrow. No. 5 Matterhorn Court.

Club 55
Meeting at 7pm where the old Red Wagon Inn used to be. You know where that is.

Annual Canoe Races
6am Friday. Riverfront area. Bring paddles or substitute.

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Terri said...

Happy Birthday to Disneyland! Great article - but when I look at casting memos, I will be looking at Walt Disney World!