28 July 2016

The Banquet's All Prepared

I love a really good charcuterie plate. Some meat, cheese, a few accompaniments, and some good bread makes me a happy camper. It’s not typically something you think of as a breakfast item as it tends to lend itself more to an afternoon repast or the opening act of an excellent dinner. However, just because it isn’t typical, doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. Case in point, just lay your eyes on Be Our Guest’s Assorted Cured Meats and Cheese. They give it a different name, but we all know its charcuterie for breakfast!

The smorgasbord comes with alpine-smoked ham, serrano ham, sopressata, and cheese (read: brie) with marmalade, fresh fruit, toasted baguette, and a selection of pastries. The combinations here would seem rather simple, especially considering that you are only given a single hunk of cheese. Pick a meat to go with the brie and pile them high on a piece of baguette or slather a slice of bread with some marmalade, but there are some many other options. Pair the brie with some of the marmalade, or a blackberry with some of the sopressata, I promise you however you choose to go about setting up each bite, you’re going to be happy.

In fact, if there is a drawback to this butcher board of meats and cheese, it’s that the portions are skewed. You have more meat than you know what to do with, although my assumption is that there will be a singular meat that you like more or less than the others. You have a suitable piece of brie, but it would be great to have a second cheese, perhaps something a bit more firm, to complement it. Also, the baguette you are given only has approximately five slices, and with a ton of combinations, I found myself wanting more of the soft, yet crinkly, bread almost immediately.

The pastry selection is standard for all breakfast meals at Be Our Guest, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. There are assorted muffins, a croissant, a chocolate croissant, and even a miniature cinnamon roll. Also, if you group polishes off the entire plate, they will bring you more! I recommend diving in to make sure you get either the chocolate or traditional croissant.

This is a terrific meal to start your day on. The bread, cheese, and meats pack in enough protein and carbs to help you make it to wherever your lunch might be that day. To get good brie and an excellent marmalade, my favorite of the jam and jelly family by the way, inside the Magic Kingdom is more than I could have as for. It may not be what you think of as traditional breakfast fare, but in true Be Our Guest fashion, it does not let you down.

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