11 March 2014

One of 29 Shops

I typically stay away from talking about early Downtown Disney, also known as the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village or Disney Village Marketplace, amongst other names. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy reminiscing about the bygone days of shopping down by the lake, but it has more to do with the fact that there are others out there who, quite frankly, have a ton more knowledge than I do about the area. That said, sometimes you just run across a photo that you have to share.

The Flower Garden opened in 1975 and, like a bloom that withers too soon, it would close after only a few years. Too sappy, huh? In truth, the entire design of the early village was to be able to shop for everything without having to leave property. Everything from pottery to groceries could be found in those formative years. The Flower Garden sold silk flowers and plants but could also be counted on to sell the real deal in the form of plants, cut flowers, terrariums, and even cactus beds. I imagine the gorgeous landscaping of early Walt Disney World gave more than one guest the drive to try out their green thumb.

The floating font on The Flower Garden’s sign, mixed with an array of potted displays, and topped off with canopies that were a bright yellow all make this a place you simply had to explore. It just seemed too cheerful not to! Plus, doesn’t the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village just look like a simpler time? I know I’d like to take a stroll right through this scene.

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