26 March 2014

Nothing Short of a Rip-Snortin' Good Time

Do you ever look at an old press photo from Walt Disney World, not for what the actual subject matter of the photo is but for all the little things that can be seen, or maybe not seen, in them? As much as I love Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, there are so many other things that I love in this 1980 aerial photograph.

The wide expanses of green grass where Splash Mountain and the Frontierland station of Walt Disney World Railroad would one day go.

The tree-lined walkway that leads (out of frame) to the original Frontierland station of the Walt Disney World Railroad.

The dusty road of Frontierland without a boardwalk along the muddy banks.

The Bertha Mae.

1 comment:

Debbie V. said...

Is that a railroad bridge of the Rivers of America?