13 February 2014

Still Revolves Around the Same Theme

Often times we talk about the first inklings the public received about the Florida Project in terms of EPCOT and Progress City, U.S.A. Certainly, there was to be a theme park in the mix, but that was not the overarching goal Walt dreamed of when he sought to construct an entire city of tomorrow that would constantly be changing.

There were plans aplenty when Roy Disney and Governor Cluade Kirk unveiled plans to the state’s legislature in Winter Park, Florida on February 2, 1967. Sure, the housing suburbs and sparkling tower would have been a jewel for both Disney and Florida. The transportation models would have been marvels of modern motion. But how often do you look at what would have been the industrial area?

What would this section of the planned 1,000 acre, multimillion dollar project have looked like? The industrial complex would have utilized the same radial pattern first seen in Disneyland, and later in Disney parks around the world. It is the same pattern that appeared over and over again in the plans for Walt’s community. Go ahead, take a gander for yourself.

It may not have come to pass, but it is the stuff dreams are made of.

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