21 February 2014

Latest Travelers Map

When you get to Anandapur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom you may decide you want to stick around a bit longer or take an expedition into the jungles of the kingdom. To extend and enhance your stay in Asia you’re going to need a travel company that knows the area, right? As it just so happens, Kshana Travel Company is conveniently located just across the way from Yak & Yeti Local Foods and next door to the Royal Anandapur Tea Company.

Okay, you caught me! You can’t stay overnight in Anandapur, and the expeditions are as simply as walking down a trail or moving through a queue, but there is a piece of the Kshana Travel Company that ties the land together. Kshana is actually the home to the land’s DVC kiosk and the Kids Discovery Club, mounted on the wall, however, is a map of Anandapur. Does that map look familiar?
You can see a blueprint copy of the map, which shows the Kingdom of Anandapur, in the queue of Kali River Rapids. The map shows up again further down the line, in the last room just as you make a decent to the raft loading area. This time, however, we are in the cartographers office where he is actually in the process of creating the map.

While there may be a few changes between the drafting and final renditions, such as title location and an additional close up section of the map, it is clear that these maps are one in the same. Anandapur’s land to water ration may change a bit in the rainy season, but it’s nice to see that someone loves the area enough to want to capture it, and all its river bends on paper!

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bigbrian-nc.com said...

What do you mean "You can’t stay overnight in Anandapur" I know there's a hotel for trekkers over the restrooms near where the former Tea trains load for the Journey to the Forbidden mountain, and I know I've heard the voices of trekkers coming out of the rooms above that restroom discussing their trek, you don't expect me to think someone made up those conversations and put in a speaker system so that I could overhear them do you?