19 February 2014

A Full House of Talent

When The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge opened last year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios it did so under that mantra of, “The Place to See… and be Seen.” If it’s true that you want to start seeing stars you could venture down Hollywood Boulevard and hang out with some of the Citizens of Hollywood or try one of the lounge’s classic cocktails. Of course, for those of you that want the best of both worlds you can always try one of their signature cocktails, each named for a particular citizen of the Hollywood streets.

Jack Diamond is the persuasive talent agent that wanders Hollywood and Sunset looking for the next big star. To help fill his days, Jack has developed a talent of being able to show off a little sleight of hand or shell game and perform the occasional magic trick. At The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge the Jack Diamond is comprised of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, and Bitters. For those familiar with the bartending arts, just as fine an art as, say, magic tricks, this is a classic Manhattan.

Let’s say, however, you are far away from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, and you’d like to feel like you’re back in the sunshine and rubbing elbows with the Citizens of Hollywood. What could you do? Well, you could make one for yourself.

Jack Diamond

2 Parts Marker’s Mark Bourbon
1 Part Sweet (Red) Vermouth
1 Dash Angostura Bitters

A Manhattan is typically served in a martini glass, but at The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge the Jack Diamond is served in a rocks glass, a smaller version of a highball glass used for an old-fashioned or shots on the rocks. Hence the name.  It can be stirred with ice and strained into the glass, straight-up, or served over ice. Garnish for the Jack Diamond is a pair of maraschino cherries.

If the ingredients list makes you think the Jack Diamond might be a bit strong, you would be correct. You will get a strong taste of the bourbon, which is mellowed a bit by the vermouth and given a kick by the spiciness of the bitters.

Mix yourself up a batch of these, throw on a fedora if you have one, and settle in with The Public Enemy or Casablanca. You’ll feel like you are stargazing at The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge in no time!

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