06 January 2014

Live Every Minute

Last week the Disney Parks Blog released its 14 Reasons to Visit Walt Disney World in 2014. Jennifer Fickley-Baker had some great reasons to visit, especially with a year that is going to see some dramatic changes to the landscape of Walt Disney World, but I’m not sure they are the same 14 reasons I would give. So, what are my 14 reasons to visit Walt Disney World in 2014? Well, I’m so very glad you asked!

14. – I’m not a big fan of spectacle. Okay, that’s not entirely true as fireworks displays do have the ability to choke me up. However, outside of the Main Street Electrical Parade I’ve never been one who truly felt the urge to hug a curb waiting for a parade. That said, I am extremely curious to see what Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade has to offer after what I’ve seen of Mickey’s Soundsational Parade at Disneyland.

13. – I may not get there for it, in fact I’ve been rather lax with making it to park anniversaries since Disney’s Hollywood Studios turned 20, but the park will have its 25th birthday on May 1st of this year. For me, the 25th year of a park is such an incredible milestone. Here’s hoping the park unwraps some much needed love in the form of an announcement of some new attractions as a birthday present.

12. – I’m not sure that Morocco needed another dining establishment in its borders, after all it has two of the best World Showcase eateries around, but if Spice Road Table can live up to its expectations and the high standards set by Restaurant Marrakesh and Tangierine CafĂ© then it is sure to become a must eat destination for me.

11. – At Disney’s Animal Kingdom it seems as if you fall into two categories as enthusiasts, and Finding Nemo the Musical has always been my bit of stage magic in the park. I appreciate Festival of the Lion King, particularly for those with younger children, but it’s never been quite my thing. With the show moving to the more appropriate land of Africa, I am extremely thrilled to see Harambe expanding, curious what the new theater will look like, and hopeful that Festival of the Lion King will get a fresh breath while maintaining its whimsy and charm.

10. – A Citrus Swirl. It doesn’t matter if it has been back for a couple of years and I’ve already had countless servings of them since then, it is always a good reason to visit Walt Disney World.

9. – In the past couple of years Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been extremely fortunate to have had so many animals born under their care. Just like our own children, these creatures grow up at an alarmingly quick rate, which means we should all be taking the time to marvel at their growth and see what new things they have been up to on each and every visit.

8. – Gene Duncan, who has spent 40 years with Disney as a photographer, is retiring. His photographs have never ceased to amaze me and to inspire me to do more to capture the individual moments of Walt Disney World. With his flash no longer illuminating Walt Disney World for me there is a big gap to be filled, though I’m sure photographers such as Tom Bricker and Tim Devine will do their very best to fill that void. For my part, I’ve finally stepped up and gotten a big boy camera and a couple of lenses and I am excited to see what type of photographs I can capture in 2014!

7. – Walt Disney World always puts its best show forward for the holidays! Whether it is Christmas and New Year’s, Easter, Fourth of July, or Halloween, the parks and resorts may be crowded, but the decorations, limited time treats, and special events more than make up for having to be there with tens of thousands of your new closest friends.

6. – We’ve been big proponents of getting food trucks to Walt Disney World for a while now, with the new fleet of mobile feeding stations finally on property we cannot wait to sample the goods!

5. – MagicBands have been a hot topic for a while now, and the ball really got rolling in the latter half of 2013, with MagicBands finding their way into almost every facet of the park-going, resort-staying experience in 2014 I’m curious to get a solid feeling on how the Walt Disney World experience has changed.

4. – I never, ever, miss the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival if I have something to say about it. With Muppets as a driving theme this year, there is no way I am going to miss out on it! It should also be noted that Epcot’s other big event, the International Food and Wine Festival, is just as deserving of guest attention.

3. – I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when Dumbo the Flying Elephant and the first glimpses of Storybook Circus were unveiled in the spring of 2012. The same anticipation and excitement I had then I feel now for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Besides the exhilaration of experiencing a new attraction, with all of its innovative storytelling and effects, seeing Fantasyland complete and all the new details to uncover is going to be a real treat.

2. – I know many fans of Star Wars were a bit, shall we say, dismayed when Star Wars Weekends came and went last year without much in the way of announcements. After all, it was the first year that the marquee Lucasfilm property fell under the Disney banner. This year, the Force is telling me there will be a lot to get excited about during the festivities. Even if no attraction announcements are made, there will likely be some exciting tidbits about the new animated series, Star Wars Rebels, and the upcoming Episode VII which is slated to begin shooting in the spring of 2014.

1. – It’s been a rather long stretch, by blogger standards anyway, since my last visit to Walt Disney World and I’m most looking forward to catching up with old friends, maybe a few new ones, and the memories that we’ll make together. Oh, and the food, definitely the meals that we’ll share together!

There may be some changes coming to the Main Street Gazette home office this year that could make travel to Walt Disney World difficult. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to dream about visiting the Vacation Kingdom and planning, whether real or imaginary, trips that we would love to take! What are your 14 reasons for waiting to visit Walt Disney World in 2014?

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