08 January 2014

Harmony and Survival

There were days, and many of them, that a decent meal was hard to find in Walt Disney World. Those trips have long since become extinct and now there are plenty of good things to partake in everywhere you look at in the parks. Of course, just because there is good food on every counter and table doesn’t mean every meal is a runaway success.

Everyone is well aware, when it comes to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the smoked meats of Flame Tree Barbecue is hard to beat by my standards. Whether it is ribs or chicken, I am a big fan with of the process, rub, and sauce that Flame Tree utilizes. With those thoughts in mind, I gave the Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich a try last year. The sandwich comes on whole grain bread, with lettuce, tomato, cranberry mayonnaise, and a side of fresh fruit.

The fruit was good and the bread, while not my favorite variety, was also good, but that is where the positives end. The cranberry mayonnaise is heavy on the mayo and light on the cranberries. The turkey doesn’t really have any smoked flavor and comes off as the same cold, clammy pressed turkey you remember from elementary school cafeteria sandwiches, only a bit thicker slices. It was one of those rare occasions where I did not finish my meal.

What’s all the more difficult to swallow here is that this could be a top-tier attention grabbing meal. Take real turkey, breast or even a whole turkey, and smoke them using the same process the chicken and ribs go through. Then pull the turkey for the sandwich, allowing guests to decide if they want to add sauce to it themselves. Instead of cranberry mayonnaise, opt for some sort of cranberry chutney. A few key changes could go a long way with the Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich.

I hate finding meals at Walt Disney World that don’t meet the high standards that have become the bread and butter of the culinary side of the park and resorts, especially from a restaurant that often offers the best of the best. Flame Tree Barbecue has many mouth-watering meals, just take my word for it and stay away from the turkey.

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bigbrian-nc.com said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Flame Tree Barbecue is the place where the phrase "them's good eatin" originated?