01 December 2013

Disney This Week - 1 December 2013

This WeekOn the Main Street Gazette

We asked how many of you wanted to be a part of the Main Street Gazette as a guest columnist or contributor to Disney This Week.

The music of Horizons can change your life if you take its message to heart!

Barefoot Bay Marina, and its abundant watercraft, are as fun today as they were yesterday.

The missus took a bite out of Captain Cook's Chocolate Beer Cupcake.

We went in search of the heroic horse, Maximus.

Silent Saturday took note of the shipwrecked Albatross.

This WeekAround the Disney Blogosphere 

Estelle Hallick talks about the time The Julie Andrews Hour went Disney on This Happy Place Blog.

Terrific Disney food magnets are on the fridge of The Disney Food Blog and AJ Wolfe.

Melissa Sue Sorrells Galley explores the newest Disney swag to hit mailboxes for Mouse on the Mind.

It may seem like an annual tradition, but looking at the Grand Floridian Gingerbread House, this year from Eating WDW and Sarah Holodick, is always special to me!

Safari Mike reminds readers at Jambo Everyone of why it’s great to volunteer for Flights of Wonder.

Eating (and Drinking) around the World and Andy Jackson whip up a batch Eclipses from the Disney Fantasy. 

This WeekWorld News Roundtable

The holiday this week also made for a slow news week, but Blake Taylor sums it all up nicely!

Roundtable Contributors: Blake Taylor (BlakeOnline.com).

No News in Good News

Blake Taylor (BlakeOnline.com) 

In terms of breaking, earth-shattering news and announcements, this week is a little slow. In terms of setting a course for what I believe to be future Disney history in the making, this past week was a game-changer. We had a fairytale musical film playing to sold-out theaters across the nation, a new Mickey Mouse short accompanying it, and a primetime Muppets television special. (Regardless of your opinion on that latter item, as it was a bit cringe-worthy at times, it's neat to see the Muppets in the public eye.) This is a big moment for Disney. Their franchises and studios all seem to be exactly where they need to be for optimal impact. And we get to soak in all the magic that comes with it.

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