02 December 2013


My birthday is next week, and last year we played a game here on the Main Street Gazette for it. The game allowed you, the readers, to ask me any question you wanted to, Disney, personal, or otherwise, and I would answer them. The  caveat was that combine you all had to ask me a total of 31 questions, as that was how old I was turning that year.

The game turned out to be such a hit that I kept it going throughout the year as our regular Twitter game, Disney Post-It. If you played along with us, you’ve noticed the game has been delayed for the past few months. We’re going to be starting it again soon, but let’s use the birthday questionnaire as a kick off again!

So, here’s the deal. You can tweet (@mainstgazette) or email (ryan@mainstgazette.com) me questions between now and Saturday, December 7, 2013. If I get 32 questions I will answer them all on the site next Monday. If I do not get 32 questions, I will run another perspective piece of my choosing, and the answers to your burning questions will remain a mystery! If I get over 32 questions, I will let the missus pick the 32 questions she thinks I should answer. Oh, you can ask several questions, this is not a one person, one question type of game.

Want some ideas of fun, thought provoking, or embarrassing questions you could ask? Take a gander at last year’s article!

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