08 February 2013

Gifts with Real Character

Mouse Gear always has a great selection of souvenirs to help remember any trip, but it also has a fantastic selection of details to muddle over. Above the shopping floor, as was the standard for so long, is the manager’s office. In the case of Mouse Gear, however, the management can be seen in silhouette through the opaque windows, and the management is quacking up!

Donald and his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, can be seen alongside a friend of the boys that tagged along from DuckTales, Webby Vanderquack. A quick turn around the corner, and Daisy and Uncle Scrooge are joined by another DuckTales alum and inventor extraordinaire, Gyro Gearloose. All of whom are working hard to keep the books and business running smooth.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the three glowing and sparkling globes attached just below Daisy. This purple segment with the globes attached is not the original piece, but it is the embodiment of a similar piece that used to be lashed to the bag section of Dreamfinder’s Dream Machine in the original Journey Into Imagination.

Whether you are looking for some animation appreciation, Epcot history nods, or the perfect shirt to take home, Mouse Gear has you covered!

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Rich T. said...

I love this so much! This is pure, classic Disney...and I can't think of another appearance by Gryro anywhere else in any park!