25 February 2013

A Few of My Favorites

I don’t know about you, but whenever I watch the Academy Awards my Oscars hangover always leaves me wanting to spend a month exploring Hollywood or to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is more economical than jet off across the country and taking a month of time-off, and it also has some great places to really soak up the Hollywood vibe. Here are just a few of my favorites.

The American Film Institute Showcase – Recently overhauled from its villainous past to sparkle with some of the greatest pieces of film history, it is almost an epic Hollywood tale in and of itself! There are artifacts housed here that spent time on the silver screen in Titanic, Superman, Gone with the Wind, Dead Poets Society and many others. If there is such a thing as Hollywood royalty, and the honor was extended to costumes and props, this exhibit would certainly be amongst the most influential in Hollywood.

Animation Gallery – The more time you spend exploring the Animation Gallery, a part of The Magic of Disney Animation, the more you are certain to uncover. One room is dedicated to the upcoming, or most recent, Disney or Pixar animated release and features concepts, models, backgrounds and a few sneak peak paragraphs about the film. A pair of other rooms are currently dedicated to backdrops and layout, showcasing an overwhelming amount of artwork from the Disney archives. Last, but certainly not least, is a small display that houses a smattering of Walt Disney’s own Oscar wins.

Background Music – You really want to feel like you’re living in the movies? Grab a bench on Hollywood Boulevard, or spend some time exploring the handprints in the courtyard of The Great Movie Ride, and just listen to the music. There are epic overtures to send you off on a hero’s quest, romantic ballads that tug at your heart strings, and even some pieces that are just plain fun to dance around to.

The Hollywood Brown Derby – It’s easy to say you come here to dine like the stars, but I actually prefer to step inside and absorb the feel of old Hollywood before the restaurant opens. The rich décor, caricatures of the stars, maps showing off where the Brown Derbies once anchored Hollywood, and the guest book signatures are just a few of the pieces that make you feel like you have arrived.

The Great Movie Ride – Become one with the movies as you costar in features from ever genre, from Western to Sci-Fi, Children’s films to Romance, every corner of the film catalog are covered in this attraction that his carried by the Audio-Animatronics figures of a handful of A-list movie stars. Your guide really gets in on the action, and the finale always leaves me wanting to raid my home collection for an impromptu film festival.

The architecture, behind the scenes effects, streetmosphere characters, shows, and experiences of Disney’s Hollywood Studios are as close to exploring Hollywood as you can get in Florida, but there are a couple of spots that are simply imbued with Hollywood. Whether you’re looking for a meal, marveling at a piece of cinematic history, or paying your respects to the films and stars themselves, the park is the perfect place for a little hair of the dog for your Oscars hangover.

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Debbie V. said...

Thanks - I'll be visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios for the first time in Nov 2013 - can't wait :)