22 February 2013

Fashions with a Disney Twist

I love window shopping at Tren-D, the fashion boutique located in the Downtown Disney Marketplace, but it’s not what you think. I’m not there to peruse the purses or try on a tee, I mean really window shop, outside of the store, where the incredible display windows are. The windows are often a play on a classic Disney story, with the mannequins playing the role of a heroine or villainess with modern sensibilities, and a smattering of the shops offerings inside scattered about or adorning the character mannequins.

This winter, with Peter Pan due out on Blu-ray, was the perfect time to tell the tale of the girls who never grew up. Included amongst the windows are Tinker Bell, Wendy, and Tiger Lily. Hook gets his hand in a scene, and Peter’s shadow stands tall as a cut-out, but the Tren-D windows are all about the girls. Shall we take a peak?

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