15 January 2013

Suprise for Mickey Mouse

When Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 there were plenty of attractions guests had seen in Disneyland or on television via Walt Disney’s assortment of hosted shows, but there were also some new attractions that guest had never checked out. Some of these attractions, particularly those that could capture the imagination of children, were turned into a Little Golden Book, perfect for previewing the never-before-seen attractions or a souvenir to solidify the great attractions that a trip to Walt Disney World included.

One of these children’s books was a Surprise for Mickey Mouse. In this mouse tale, Mickey finds out he has been selected to direct the orchestra of the Mickey Mouse Revue. The Mickey Mouse Revue opened with the park in 1971 and was an E-Ticket sensation, back when ticket books ruled the admission turnstiles for each attraction. The attraction featured conductor Mickey directing a plethora of Disney characters as they sign and perform hits for their animated features or shorts. In 1973 the attraction became accessible by a D-Ticket and was shuttered entirely in September of 1980.

In the book, after Mickey finds out he is going to be the conductor, he races around to tell his friends the great news. Much to his chagrin no one, not Horace, the Three Little Pigs, Dumbo, Geppetto, not even Minnie, seem that thrilled with Mickey’s news. A little down in the dumps, Mickey, along with Pluto and his nephews make the flight to Florida. Once at the Magic Kingdom he perks up a little more, but the really jovial mouse returns when Mickey enters the theater to find all of his friends are there because they are his orchestra!

The Mickey Mouse Revue occupied the space currently home to PhilharMagic, where Mickey is still the maestro and classic Disney tunes are still played, albeit in a totally new package. Surprise for Mickey Mouse may not be quite as relevant today, and not as easily available either (although there are always a handful of the books roaming around on eBay), but it is a fun book that introduced an unknown attraction to kids and families back in 1971.


Rob said...

LOL -- gotta love the HUGE window on the airplane that Pluto & Mickey's nephews are looking out of. So not realistic at all!

WDW71 said...

I love the foreshadowing of things to come (PhilharMagic) in the last image of this book. Perfect!

This book must have been popular. I have a 2nd Edition of it in my collection that was printed in 1972.