30 January 2013

Sundaes on the Beach

When it comes to Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club, we’ve long been partial to Frozen Sunshine for its delicious blast of citrus. The most commonly mentioned treats on Beaches and Cream’s menu, however, tend to be the Kitchen Sink or No Way Jose. Recently, we decided to sidestep our usual while still trying something not everyone is talking about. The result? We ordered the Milky Way Sundae and were introduced to this behemoth.

Once upon a time, the sundae was served atop a Bundt cake, but now it is all ice cream and toppings all the time! So, what makes up this cool concoction? Start out with three scoops of vanilla ice cream and then drown them in hot fudge and caramel. Add a mountain of whipped cream, decorated with dark and white chocolate shavings, and top with a cherry for good measure. Oh yeah, and throw in a miniature Milky Way bar just for kicks. That’s how you put together the Milky Way Sundae.

When I sat down with this intergalactic ice cream treat it took me a few moments to try and find a plan of attack. Rather than think it through and let it melt, I immediately devoured the cherry and mini Milky Way. As the whipped cream was so tall, it made it tough to get any ice cream with it, but the chocolate shavings made it just that much richer. The combination of the fudge, caramel, and vanilla ice cream was luxuriousness on a spoon. Seriously! Both toppings were amazingly thick, and the intensity of the fudge and the sweetness of the caramel pleased all the right spots on my palate.

Oh, and when it was just a soup of melted ice cream, fudge, whipped cream, and caramel? Yep, I slurped that delicious brew as it was really just a top tier, milkshake at that point.

The next time I’m at Beaches and Cream I’ll probably go back to my old standby, the Frozen Sunshine. Then again, the Milky Way Sundae has managed to scoop out a special place in my heart as well now. Beaches and Cream prepares some of the best sundaes around, and this dish has rightfully earned its place among the rest of the menu!


MousePlanning said...

I was unaware of the loss of the Bundt cake. It saddens me, as that is what made the sundae unique.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

MousePlanning, the Bundt cake was unique, but the sundae still stands on its own.