21 October 2012

Disney This Week - 21 October 2012

I apologize for the disruption to articles this week. I had a death in the family and had matters that needed attending to. However, as my grandfather was so proud of what I do with the Main Street Gazette, and would never want to be the reason I’ve left something undone, I will be back on schedule tomorrow morning. I will also be completing last Friday’s article and posting it as a make-up. Thank you for your patience and for understanding during this time. Now, on to Disney This Week!

Want to know what my wife thinks about living with me and Walt Disney World? Head on over to WDW Radio and read the interview with her there!

An EPCOT Generation Manifesto. By FoxxFur at Passport to Dreams Old & New. Read it. Now.

AJ Wolfe puts together a digest of favorite Halloween treats at The Disney Food Blog.

The sunsets of Walt Disney World are chronicled by Estelle Hallick for This Happy Place.

Richard Terpstra has some great Halloween shirts inspired by Disney films at DesignerLand.

The Disney Sketchbook is broken-down by Imaginerding and George Taylor.

Sarah Holodick samples some of the latest additions to adult beverage offerings of Walt Disney World at Eating WDW.

The visuals of the Food & Wine Classic are covered at Eating (and Drinking) around the World by Andy Jackson.
Adam and Andrew remind readers of the Disney Hipster Blog about the importance of a room’s view.

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Rob said...

I'm sorry for your loss, but I admire your perseverance. I'm sure your grandfather is tremendously proud of your spirit and character.