08 February 2012


Among the multitude of dishes included on the menu of the Grand Floridian Cafe are some unique takes on traditional sandwiches, such as the Rueben and roast beef. Perhaps there is no greater testament to the idea of what a sandwich is, however, than The Grand Sandwich.Open-faced hot Ham, Turkey, Bacon and Tomato with a rich Boursin Sauce, and Fried Onion Straws

The description does not do this sandwich near enough justice. The meat is piled high and is that amazing mixture of hot and savory that you look for in a great deli sandwich. The bread is buttery with a great blend of herbs, a bit of fresh tomato, and the onion straws are crunchy and add a bit of bitter to the sandwich. The meat is great, but what you come to this sandwich for is the creamy Boursin cheese sauce. To paraphrase my good friend Tony Caggiano, it’s so good you’ll want to bathe in it.

If my words seem a bit lacking here, it is because I literally do not know how to describe The Grand Sandwich, it makes me speechless. If you need further proof of the delicious and filling nature of this behemoth, take note of the fact that, unlike every other sandwich on the menu, it does not come with a side dish. It simply doesn’t need one.

Honestly, if you only ever take my advice on one dish, just like I took the word of Tony, let it be this one.

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Zachary said...

I'm now curious - how much is said sandwich? It looks fantastic!