21 February 2012

New tags on the way

It is one of those things that make speaking with a Walt Disney World Cast Member so unique. No, I’m not talking about the way they point using two fingers. And no, I’m not talking about their terrifically designed costumes either. I’m talking about the name tags that proudly display the Cast Member’s name and hometown alongside a small icon depicting a particular department or celebration.

The pair of name tags below come from 1976 when Walt Disney World was celebrating the United States’ Bicentennial with America On Parade. As with all things Disney, there were appearances to be kept up and a certain manner in which things had to be done, such as what and how to affix items to the name tags. Perhaps I should let Eyes & Ears, circa December 1975, explain how it’s done:
If you haven’t heard yet, every cast member will soon be receiving a new Bicentennial name tag. Wardrobe Department reports that they are busy engraving the new tags and will be distributing them in the near future. With the new tags on the way, we thought we’d take a moment to explain the Company policy regarding pins being attached to your name tag. The only type of ornament or pin allowed on your Disney name tag is a Company service pin, such as a one-year pin. On your new Bicentennial tag, should you desire to attach a service pin, then do it this way: Heat up a stick pin or tack with a match and slowly push it through the plastic face of your name tag. This will give you a clean hole through which to put your service pin.

The only place you may attach a service pin on your Bicentennial name tag is on the top, between the dates.

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BC said...

Where did you here that CM's might be getting new tags? If this is true I will be extremely happy! I'd love to have two versions of a tag!