20 February 2012

If you can dream it

Four and a half years ago when I started the Main Street Gazette, I had no preconceived notions of what it would become. The site was simply a way to put my thoughts on Walt Disney World and, at the time, anything else in the realm of Disney down on paper. At that time I could have never have guessed the world of opportunities that would open up to me in the coming years. One such occasion took place this weekend when I had the chance to give a public talk about the history of Walt Disney World.

I want to thank Elizabeth Caran, Dan Brooks, and Wake County Public Libraries for supporting me and allowing me to come and share my brand of Walt Disney World history. Saturday would not have happened without the support of people like Jeffrey Lipack, Kollin Burrow, and George Taylor (all of whom were in the audience on Saturday, an audience that astounded and humbled me), and each and every person out who has ever validated my musings by reading the Main Street Gazette or in Celebrations Magazine or listening to what I have to say on WDW Radio. Thank you one and all!

I know many of you would have liked to have been there this weekend, but distance, timing, and life in general maybe got in the way. To show how much each of you mean to me, even if it is just a small token, I made sure to record the session for all of you. I apologize for the quality of video, and I hope you can make out the pictures. It may be a basic history and an oft-touted message, but it is a story and idea I think we all believe deep down inside.

This weekend served as a reminder to me that, "If you can dream it, you really can do it!"

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Walter said...

Ryan: You were great! (I'm the guy in the white shirt blocking the screen). I thought your insights on how disney is build (or should be built) around stories was great. I remember when the hotels would publish their "histories".