22 November 2011

To all of the Disney chefs

In 1986 Disney released Cooking with Mickey Around Our World, a cookbook which featured the “MOST requested recipes from Walt Disney World and Disneyland.” It has since been followed up with a smorgasbord of cookbooks featuring everything from desserts to specialty items from the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. During one of the busiest cooking and baking periods of the year, there is no finer collection of time-tested favorites and extinct recipes! While not available in print any longer, Cooking with Mickey is easy to find in secondary markets like Ebay and Amazon, or even in used books stores (which is where I found my copy).

The recipes are the stars here, and deservedly so, but that doesn’t mean the gorgeous cover and clever interior dividers should be snubbed. Why not print off your favorite graphic and cook along with Mickey as you prepare for Thanksgiving or your next big meal!


Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

Oh man I remember this book! I was born in 1984 but I remember as a kid having this book. I think there's a hot chocolate recipe in there that I was in love with as a kid!

TBender said...

The parents still have and use this book on occasion!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Hi Gina, I poured through both Vol 1 and 2 of Cooking with Mickey in hopes of being able to share the recipe with you, but couldn't find hot chocolate anywhere in the books! I've put out some feelers and hopefully I'll have the recipe to share sometime soon!

TBender, I still use it here and there as well! Some of these recipes may be extinct in WDW, but they still hold up to the taste test in my house!

Unknown said...

Do you have any more info on the vintage Disney cookbook?