21 November 2011

Ogun’s firepit

When you examine your plan of attack for a trip to Walt Disney World there are a few universal activities that make it on to almost everyone’s itinerary. Go ahead, take a few minutes to pull out that last touring plan you created, I’ll wait…

Oh good, you’re back! Let’s take a look at it, shall we? Is there time set aside for fireworks and/or parades? Marquee attractions are sure to be at the top of your list as well, correct? I’m willing to bet there is at least one meal on there that makes your tummy roar when you think about it, right? And even though they are not likely to be listed, I bet you planned ahead to set aside time for family and friend photographs, shopping, and perhaps even a trip aboard your favorite form of transportation, from monorail to motor launch, didn’t you? Yet, the one thing that most of us forget to schedule is time at our resorts, to take part in the recreation and unique activities provided to guests. There are a ton of activities to take part in around any of the resorts, especially after the sun has set. Here is a pair of our favorite evening resort activities.

You’ve heard it on the Gazette a thousand times before, but I am a child of Fort Wilderness. Generally, when I want to take a night off from the park-going experience, I head to Fort Wilderness for the Campfire Sing-A-Long and movie under the stars. Now, I know plenty of resorts have the inflatable screens for movies nowadays, but Fort Wilderness just feels like the real deal with its grandstand, fire pits, cover wagon, projector house and permanent movie screen. I’ve talked in depth about the experience, from Chip and Dale to the song selection, but let’s just leave it at the fact that there is no more feel good experience than hanging out with some characters, watching a childhood favorite film, with roasted marshmallows warming you up from the inside.If I were not going to head for Fort Wilderness, a close second for a one of a kind evening activity is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. The nightly storytelling program is imbued with the same feelings as the sing-a-long at Fort Wilderness, but does it with its own unique set of standards. Set around Ogun’s Firepit at Arusha Rock, the stories are not only fascinating, but also encourage participation from the guests who choose to stop by and warm up around the fire. After the storytelling has wrapped up, and before returning to your room for the evening, be sure to take a moment to talk with the tellers of the tales who have much more to share with those willing to listen or venture out into the darkness to take part in some nighttime animal viewing with night-vision equipment.

These are just a pair of the amazing activities that take place in the resorts after dark, and we haven’t even touched upon the daytime options! I hope the next time you are planning ahead for a trip to Walt Disney World you set aside just a bit of time to enjoy all that your resort has to offer, from storytelling to hula-hoop contests. The resorts offer pursuits that will create some of your most memorable moments from any trip, I can promise you that!

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