04 November 2011

These penguins are the orchestra

We had another article planned for today, but a good friend of the Gazette (and someone I consider a personal friend, even if we’ve never met face-to-face) is facing a personal challenge right now, so I thought we should do something to try and make her smile. Get well soon, Melissa!

The pre-show area of Muppet-Vision 3D, who are we kidding the entire area is show from beginning to end, but the pre-show holding area is filled with Muppets, props, belonging, and items that have been shipped to the various Muppets. There may seem like there are a lot of barrels in this picture, but they have to feed a heck of a lot of beaks! The label reads:
From: Far North Foods
To: Nicky Napoleon & The Emperor Penguins
c/o Muppet Studios
Orlando, Fla.

Keep Refrigerated!

Now, I had always heard the orchestra of penguins had taken the job for the halibut, but apparently I’m hard of herring.

But, back to Nicky and his friends. Nicky Napoleon and His Emperor Penguins constitute the entire orchestra for Muppet-Vision 3D. They are seen in their traditional, puppet form during the pre-show film as they are rushing into the theater, as well as during the show when a few of them are hurtled through the air in the finale. The remainder of the time, Nicky and the other penguins appear as Audio-Animatronics. It should be mentioned that out of all of the penguins featured in the show only two, the duo that operate the penguins’ cannon, actually have feet!

So, how did these musically inclined feather friends land the gig in Muppet-Vision 3D? Well, as it turns out this isn’t their first venture into musical entertainment. The group was the musical talent of Little Muppet Monsters. Although eighteen episode were create, this show lasted but three episodes on CBS in 1985 before the plug was pulled. However, Nicky Napoleon and His Emperor Penguins were there from the very start. The pilot episode, entitled In the Beginning, finds the heroes of the show finding broadcasting equipment in the basement. Also in the basement are Nicky and his friends, whom are tapped for the musical skills to provide accompaniment from the television broadcasts of Tug, Molly and Boo, the titular Little Muppet Monsters.

It just goes to show, every Muppet has their story, and every Muppet is on their way to stardom! Of course, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to eat every now and then.

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Ellen said...

So cute!! I never knew that about Little Muppet Monsters. Thank you for sharing that little tidbit with us! I love the penguins and LOVE Muppet Vision 3D - especially all the gags. Great post!