16 December 2010

Jingle swells

Christmas is right around the corner, but Santa’s southern workshop, otherwise known as the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course is decked out equally for surf as it is for snow. Throughout the two courses there are loads of beach and winter features. Today we’re pausing to examine one such detail.

Hole number 5 of the Summer Course contains a set of seven surfboards. Six of the boards are built for Santa’s elf helpers, but one has been constructed for the Big Kahuna himself. Each board has a unique color pattern to it, but equally intriguing are the names given to the individual boards. Short the Curl, ShortWave, Little Kahuna, Lil’ Surfer, Itty Biddyboard, and Rusty Runt are all the names of the short boards. Santa’s board, which is where you want to aim your golf ball according to the elves, is known as Jingle Swells and features a flaming wreath. Take a moment to examine the boards for yourself.

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