30 December 2010

2010 Best in Photo Safari: Flowing together for more than a million years

There were quite a number of photo safari pieces to choose from, and this selection was probably the toughest choice I had to make when deciding on each entry for this series of articles. There where plenty of photographic tips, subject matters, and conversations to be had in this broad ranging topic, but finally I settled upon Flowing together for more than a million years. The post featured a wide reaching effect and detail that is often overlooked, and I love turning readers on to new aspects of Walt Disney World. The research for this article also sent me on a scavenger hunt of sorts, scouring each World Showcase pavilion to find the perfect spout of water and the perfect framing for the shot. Grab a nice tall glass of water and enjoy this look back.
Water is a critical component of life on earth, not to mention that it covers two-thirds of the globe. Water is, obviously, an essential element to weather and temperature, but since the dawn of time it has been fundamental part of daily living. Water hydrates humans and livestock alike, is used for irrigation of crops, houses a wonderland of food, fountains have been utilized as central meeting places, is traveled upon, and natural falls and pools of water are renowned for their beauty. The many forms and uses of water as an integral part of earth, and our place in it, are explored throughout the pavilions of World Showcase. While each pavilion presents at least one view of water’s role in a culture’s existence, on many occasions there is more than one work of water being showcased.

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Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! I love seeing photos between trips ~ it keeps the Disney magic going!