13 June 2008

Stop jumpin' around

During the course of any day within the Magic Kingdom you will find that you can no longer go on, and that you need to rest. Lunches, waiting for parades and fireworks, and Pooh’s Playful Spot, not to mention the multitude of benches, are all wonderful places where you may rest your weary bones. Yet, for me, there is no place finer than this recessed area of Frontierland to rest, relax, and engage in a few cheap, or free, games.

The Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade itself offers the Guests, especially the Young Adventurers of your group, the chance to saddle up on the range with their rifle in hand for some much-needed target practice or trick shootin’. Try your hand at targeting graves (with some of the cleverest quotes this side of Poor Old Fred), cans and bottles, pesky perched birds, far off saloons, and even distant train cars. Though the price has gone up, now a dollar for thirty-five shots, on this often passed over attraction, it is an investment worth making.

Yet, Boothill doesn’t offer the only test of skill in these parts. Just below the raised walkway of the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade sits another old-time favorite set upon on old barrel table, checkers. Pull up a chair and teach the finer points of the game to your Adventurer, and show them what makes a true king, or take a moment to relax with the Missus (or Mister) while the young pups relive the great battles of the game of red and black.
This cozy corner of Frontierland has a lot to offer for prices once found only on the plains and prairies, and the prizes are memories you are sure to cherish on down the line. Be sure to take in a game or two whenever you have the chance, or just pull up a chair, sit back, and calm yourself.

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