19 June 2008

The Official School Map of the Kingdom of Anandapur

Trying to get the lay of the land inside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom can be rather tricky. Thankfully, at the Kids’ Discovery Club: Asia, a large wall map provides a well-plotted guide to the Kingdom of Anandapur, including the district and town of Anandapur and the Chakranadi River. Though Serka Zong does not appear on the map, a town called Zerka Dzong is located in the more mountainous regions of Anandapur. Perhaps we westerners have been missing this silent ‘D’ all these years, or maybe this is just a geographical coincidence. Either way, I hear that Forbidden Mountain calling to me once more.


Greg said...

Thanks for the map Ryan. I seemed to have misplaced my Anandapur National Geographic issue.

CheriBibi said...

I knew there was so much more behind this dense forest !

Princess Fee said...

Oh brilliant! I was looking for one of these maps the other day, when planning my next Anandapur trip! Thanks, Ryan!!