11 June 2008

Numbers, letters, papers for writing

Schools across the country are out for the Summer, but that doesn’t mean the learning should end, or that skills should become rusty. Summer reading lists have become commonplace in today’s education system, and who am I to argue against literacy. In the hopes that your child’s summer adventures include a little guy named Mickey Mouse, here are a few old Golden Books that might come in handy.

For the more inquisitive adults out there, this is one of my favorite pieces of illustration in any child’s book. The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, from Walt Disney’s Mother Goose, is a veritable who’s who of Disney animation. I have enlarged the image slightly so that you may have the opportunity to spot your favorite character.


Ed South said...

Yeah! You can't go wrong with Mickey Mouse and Little Golden Books! They are a part of our bedtime stories almost every night. My kids favorite is "Mickey Mouse and the Kitten-Sitters" I must have read it 5,000 times!

By the way, great minds think alike!

Princess Fee said...

Wow, fantastic wee books! I especially like that artwork too, Ryan. I can imagine when I was little I would have loved trying to spot all the Disney characters! Excellent :D

DD said...

Oh I HADDDD these books. :) I'm sure I ended up coloring or something stupid like that in them.