08 October 2007

Hand and hand we'll be walking down Main Street

Notice how happy we both look here, especially my fiancée? This was one of those rare days I didn’t spend obsessing of obscure Walt Disney World trivia, or what the best touring plan is for afternoons in Animal Kingdom. The WDW Today podcast has a few episodes where they interview the wives of Disney gurus in which they coin the term Disney Widow. My fiancée, Aileen, is only about 18 days away from widowhood, well 18 days and 1 minute after our wedding ceremony.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be doing this without her. It was her support that really brought me to this point, that and the fact that I was under the impression she would have killed me had I not found another outlet for my thirst and knowledge of all things Disney, aside from her ear that is. My most minor of breakthroughs, like the first time I had over ten visitors in a day, or the first time a series of articles actually finds its rhythm, she celebrates as if I had received some great promotion. She supports my endless hours of research, sometimes far later into the night than is wise, going to bed on her own, and she hates going to bed by herself.

That isn’t to say that she doesn’t like Walt Disney World, she does, in fact, enjoy her time there. She enjoys not having to worry about anything, the fact that everything you could really want to do on a vacation is there waiting for you is right up her alley. She has her favorite attractions at each park, her favorite resorts, and her favorite meals (Splash Mountain, Soarin’, Tower of Terror, Dinosaur, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Le Cellier for those of you keeping score at home). But she could do with skipping a trip every now and then and making my annual vacations bi-annual trips, as opposed to my continual prodding for several research trips and my requests for semi-annual vacations. Taking pictures of the sidewalks or a cool address marker is beyond her, but it gives me something to do, so she lets it go.

As much as I love Walt Disney World, I would give all of it up in a second for her, but, being the woman she is, she would never ask such a thing of me. Balancing our new family and my Disney mania is work, just like any relationship, but with Aileen by my side I can climb any mountain Disney can lay before me. I couldn’t do any of it without her, and I couldn’t dream of a world without her.

By the way, the WDW Today’s Disney Widows episodes are Episode 129 and Episode 282, and I highly recommend them both.

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