17 October 2007

Chit chat, yak yakin’, flim flam

Being different is okay. In fact, any person worth their salt would tell you that you should always be true to yourself, and not mindless follow a group. But it certainly is nice to find out that you are not alone sometimes. Say, when you’re getting looks for taking pictures of weird signs, lighting fixtures, ice cream, and the occasional sidewalk or two. For the longest time I thought I was the only one out there who did such things, but now I know that there is an actual community of people just as neurotic about details as I am.

On the topic of sidewalks, I don’t know that I have ever seen so inconspicuous a queue floor as that of Grizzly Hall, the home of the Country Bear Jamboree. It is a shame that those gorgeous hardwood floors have been scratched up by our furry friends, but I guess Henry isn’t that upset. From the photograph you can see that the Bears have always been a favorite of the hibernating set, both bear and human hibernators. But honestly, who could listen to Big Al and not get a little drowsy?

Mama don’t whip little Buford...

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