15 November 2017

Wild Blue Yonder

Goofy, or rather the Great Goofini, is far from the only barnstormer that Walt Disney World has ever featured. Just down the road from his acrobatic skyleidoscope, Tomorrowland once housed Delta Dreamflight, or Take Flight depending on when you visited the attraction, which featured stupendous aerial stunts and farmyards turned into airstrips through a couple of the attractions early scenes. One could even argue that Star Tours’ Rex fits the futuristic mold of a barnstormer. He certainly has the same reckless exuberance that Goofy has. However, my personal favorite dashing air pilot comes from EPCOT Center’s World of Motion.

Backed by a screen filled with flights of aerial fancy, and surrounded by adoration, this guy was living the life! Pay no attention to the cars loaded down with admiring faces and the biplanes trampling the farmer’s crops, there are honest to goodness adventurers to be seen here! As the attraction itself states, with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek with the humor and visual sarcasm World of Motion was known for, “The dashing heroes of the wild blue wonder. Now, the sky’s the limit!

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