21 June 2016

The Year-Round Playgrounds

The Polynesian Village has always been one of the most iconic resorts in Walt Disney World. Perhaps it’s the fact that it is has always been visible to guests, even in the earliest days, when they approach the Transportation and Ticket Center. It could also be the fact that is on the monorail loop and has the distinction of being one of the first resorts in the Vacation Kingdom. Whatever the reason, the resort has been seeing a resurgence in popularity, which has only been amplified by the pool and Great Ceremonial House refurbishments, not to mention the addition of Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.

We have been known to talk about the great fare of the Polynesian Village’s quick service dining location, Capt. Cook’s, from time to time. In fact, I’m not sure we’ve had a negative thing to say about the restaurant yet! For all of our praise and all of the time we’ve spent there, we’ve never called attention to the artwork that adorns the dining room. True, most guests would rather sit out on the veranda, but we should take note of the artwork here.

The posters that line the walls inside Capt. Cook’s are the best kind of travel posters. No fancy photographs here, just vintage-style artwork and slogans singing the praises of the islands located in the South Pacific. Here’s the real trick though, while each poster represents an individual island, each one was created because that island name is also the designation of a resort building within the Polynesian Village. Sneaky, huh?

Rather than keep talking today, let’s just sit back and enjoy to gorgeous posters and dream of far off tropical destinations!

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Jessica said...

I love these! This kind of artwork is one of my favorites!