27 June 2016

Contemporary Classics

A while back we took you on a tasting tour of the Crispy Bites available at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge with the promise of more to come. Well, that day has come and we’re moving on to the main course! Today we’re sinking our teeth into the Derby Sliders. If the idea of miniature sandwiches seems like it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy your vacation appetite, think again. This is a pair of sliders that really know how to shine in Hollywood!

Let’s start out with the menu descriptions. The first slider is a Wagyu Beef with Cognac-Mustard Aioli, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Bacon, and Avocado. Meanwhile, the second slider serves up Duck Confit, Taleggio Cheese, Chipotle Vegetable Slaw, Sweet Onion-Orange Conserve, and crispy Leeks. Both come on freshly baked buns, and the pair are complimented by a handful of kettle-style chips. Also, for an additional fee, you can make both sliders Wagyu Beef.

Let’s start with the Duck Confit. If you want sweet and savory, this is your ticket. The duck is finely chopped and is not greasy, which was a concern of mine, and the chipotle slaw and leeks add texture and a smoky flavor to the proceedings. Meanwhile, the sweet onion-orange conserve hits all the right notes for a sweetness and tanginess that isn’t overpowering. However, the real star here is the taleggio cheese. These cheese offers some subtle fruity flavors, but again, isn’t overpowering. Typically it is shredded and placed on salads, but in this instance it is melted and utilized to hold the entire slider together. Overall, this is a tasty morsel!

The showstopper, on the other hand, is the Wagyu Beef. A nice hunk of well-prepared wagyu and a healthy slice of smoked gouda, you really can’t ask for much more than that, can you? Okay, how about some bacon, and we’re not talking your typical breakfast bacon either, and some serious mustard, would that do the trick? Typically, this would be topped off with a rich hunk of avocado, but on the day we visited a tomato slice was substituted. It’s a fine substitution, but it does make the slider’s layers a bit shaky. This is the type of sandwich that pops into your head when you think of the word ‘slider,’ and it does not disappoint.

With so much happening around Star Wars within eye and earshot of the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge you’ll forgive the parody, but these are the sliders you are looking for. They are a hearty, well-planned pair, even if I would probably pay the upcharge for a set of wagyu beef sliders. Share them with a friend or family member, or better yet each of you order your own set as a meal. You'll be glad you did!

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Mini-V said...

Not to be missed during a trip to Disney Hollywood Studios.