07 March 2016

Friends of Pascal

The missus has a thing for secondary characters, aka sidekicks. They are always her favorite characters in a movie, and the more sarcastic they are the better. It’s not surprise then that Maximus and Pascal were her favorite characters in Tangled. When the new restrooms opened in Fantasyland opened several years back, she was delighted to find that they were both given their due representation in the area. Yes, the lanterns are lovely, the wanted posters are a hoot, and the shaded charging stumps are terrific, not to mention how much I love having water present in the form of a waterfall on this side of Fantasyland. However, the real reason we come and spend time in this area is to look for Pascal’s friends.

A pair of signs provides only a very vague description of this activity. In fact, the brief text states:
Look for friends of Pascal in the scenery,
Hidden among all the flowers and greenery.

Catchy, right? But it doesn’t really paint a clear picture. For the uninitiated you would believe that the little greenway passing between the two walkways, filled with grass, rocks, shrubberies, and a small creek would wield you results like this.

Again, you’d be right, but that doesn’t mean those are the only places you should be looking. While this may be a greater starter game for young children while their parents are charging their devices, this game applies one of my favorite rules of exploring theme parks. You must look up, down, and all around if you want to find Pascal’s friends. Otherwise you might miss one of his friends, camouflaged in plain sight.

That’s right, boys and girls, not all of Pascal’s friends are green. You’re going to have to look closely to make sure one isn’t sliding by you because they’ve matched their scales to their surroundings! Of course, I also wouldn’t look just in this area either. If I were you and I were searching, I’d consider the entire Tangled area as the perfect Pascal hiding place.

So, let’s clean up this game with some last pieces of advice and information. There are ten of Pascal’s friends to be found in the Tangled restroom and recharging area. They can be high and low, anywhere between the two entrances to the area. They are a multitude of colors, including various shades of green, tan, and blue. Cast members in the area can be a big help when you get stuck and cannot find the last one or two you are searching for.

This is a little diversion the missus and I love to play, and it is a game that is fit for all ages. Some of Pascal’s friends are easy to find, others take expert eyes, or children who see way more than adults most of the time. You may think you’ll remember where they all are hiding from one visit to the next, but I can tell you that apart from a few obvious ones, we tend to have to start over every time we visit. Take some time, enjoy the shade, and try to one-up everyone in your group as you continue to find the well-hidden! You’ll all be giggling in no time, I’m sure!

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