02 March 2016

Antiquities Dealer

Once Upon A Time returns this Sunday for the second half of its fifth season, and it promises to be an adventure as characters long deceased appear set to make a return. For the next few weeks, Mr. Gold’s will also still be visible as part of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In 2015, Mr. Gold’s shop joined the facades of the Streets of America and immediately captured the attention of Once Upon A Time’s followers. The windows features a variety of artifacts for that both the novice viewer and those who know every corner of Storybrooke’s tale to find and share.

One such artifact is this little beauty, Pandora’s Box. The box first appeared during the seventh episode of season three, Dark Hollow, and was last seen during the tenth episode of the same season, The New Neverland. Of course, that doesn’t really tell you the story of the box, does it? It’s a long twisted tale, but the Cliff Notes version is as follows… Gold wishes to use the box to trap his father, Peter Pan. However, the box is switched for a fake and Pan ends up springing the trap on Gold instead. Gold is eventually released, but during his second attempt to trap Pan, Gold inadvertently sucks Henry into Pandora’s Box as Pan has switched places with Henry. Later, at the town line, Henry is released, but is still believed to be Pan. He pleads his case and, once Henry is believed, the group hurries off to confront the real Pan. This is the last we see of this box, and it seems like nothing but trouble, huh?

The long and winding story that is Once Upon A Time has featured, and will continue to feature an encyclopedia’s worth of enchanted, magical, and well-known artifacts from our favorite fairy tales and stories. Some are winks and nods, while others come right out and make their presence felt, such as Pandora’s box. The addition of Mr. Gold’s shop on the Streets of America has been terrific, but as this area will be closed within a few weeks so that it can be converted to new experiences for the park, you had best hurry on by if you want your Once Upon A Time fix in person!

Oh, and if you happen to see Chip peeking out at you from behind the glass, tell him I said hello.

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Debbie V. said...

Ryan - speaking of antiquities - I have not been following blogs for some time now. But I remember you brought home a plant from The Land some time back - did it survive?
I tried some bonsai seeds from Mitsukoshi in 2014, but lazily did not re-pot when I should have, did not keep up with the watering and lost them. I may retry - I did see the Mickey seed pots that you bought as well.
Debbie V,