27 January 2016

Well Done, Ain't It?

Sometimes simple is the way to go when it comes to describing what goes in to the dishes at Walt Disney World. And when it comes to comfort foods, there is almost no explanation needed, although we’re going to give it a shot today with our review of the Pot Roast Macaroni & Cheese.

That is the entire listing for the beloved dish that comes from the Friar’s Nook in the Magic Kingdom, Pot Roast Macaroni & Cheese. There is no talk about the cheese saw, the fork tender pot roast, or the garnish of green onion. There doesn’t need to be, you get the entire picture just from a few words. This is a dish that everyone knows and welcomes, especially children, amped up with the inclusion of chunks of pot roast. What you may not realize is that this is not some simple side dish that’s gone in a few heaping forkfuls. Instead, the Pot Roast Macaroni & Cheese is a full, adult-sized bowl of steaming goodness.

Here’s where things might get a little tricky. Everyone has their own opinion about what makes the best macaroni and cheese. Some like the panko crusted, oven baked variety compared to those that love cheese sauce on the stove top, while still others may be particular about shell pasta versus elbow macaroni. What we all need to remember is that this is a quick service meal served in the heart of Fantasyland, arguably the single busiest land in any park of Walt Disney World. This dish has to be quick and satisfying to the masses, and that means keeping it simple.

Simple ingredients. Elbow macaroni covered in cheese sauce, check. It’s not quite the liquid gold that we became used to finding on fixin’s bars, but it is close. The post roast is tender and breaks apart easily with the fork. It is served on top of the macaroni. That means if getting the ingredients mixed together is your cup of tea, the bowl makes that easy, but you can also enjoy them separate of one another. Lastly the green onions scattered on top. It may be comfort food, but there had to be something green in the dish!

Long and short, there are a couple of options when it comes to the macaroni and cheese at the Friar’s Nook, but the real winner is the Pot Roast Macaroni & Cheese. It is filling enough to keep you going, but not so heavy that you won’t have room for that Citrus Swirl a little later. This is a dish that you will come back to again and again. Quick and easy and comforting, what more could you ask for?

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