04 January 2016

Mysterious Diving Bell Appears

There are many trinkets and mementos scattered about Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, but no artifacts! Artifacts are relegated to museums where they belong! For the pieces that occupy every available shelf and corner in the rest of the hangar, you can tell there is a lot of history and stories to be gleamed from them. For some it will mean some research, or recalling facts learned long ago. There are other pieces, however, that just require a bit of looking around the bar to get more of the story.

The diving bell turned prime corner booth is one such item. Just from looking at it you can tell the corner of the building had to be removed for the diving bell to be placed in its permanent home. So, where did Jock acquire the diving bell? Look no further than a few of the clippings from The Source Gazette, Disney Springs’ local paper, for answers. A single article reveals the following tale:
Speculation about the whereabouts of local adventurer Jock Lindsey reached a fever pitch around town last weekend when he returned to The Springs, along with a Navy diving bell. While local residents have become accustomed to Mr. Lindsey’s long disappearances, this is the first time he has returned with such an unusual trophy. When asked about the nature and purpose of the diving bell, the ever tight-lipped Mr. Lindsey would only share that he had “been doing some work for the U.S. Navy.”

While we will probably never know exactly what mission Mr. Lindsey was engaged in, it is fair to assume that the diving bell will join the ever growing menagerie of odd items that are increasingly filling up Mr. Lindsey’s home.

They weren’t joking about Jock’s home filling up, but these are the details that add life to the Hangar Bar. The next time you’re hanging at the Hangar, and happen to find yourself inside this mysterious diving bell, look around at the photographs inside. There are a lot of amazing individuals that Jock came across in his travels! Perhaps no photo is more important to the place, however, than the one of Jock overseeing the construction of the Hangar Bar himself.

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